We bring simplicity, efficiency and transparency into the Deposit market with our Multi-Bank Deposit platform. We do this through providing a portal for multi-banks to quote on your request and enabling fast and efficient price discovery and execution. Unconflicted. No advisory services. Pure price discovery and execution platform.

Default Zero Commission. Fully Transparent. Fast and Secure. Governance and Compliance as standard.

Likwidity was born out of a sense of frustration experienced trying to place funds with various banks. With more than 140 banks and interest rates differing by as much as 100% between them and hard to understand promotions and terms, it is clear that banks are making it difficult for investors. But unfortunately, using a broker is too expensive as brokers charge between 5-25 points. The solution is a single platform that provides multi-bank capability with no added commission but simple fixed fee pricing

Smart investors and businesses knows that finding the best rate or investment is just good practice. You do in all other areas of your life but somehow ignore this for cash, mainly because its time consuming. No longer!!

So what is Likwidity ?  We are a Next-Gen Fintech company that delivers efficiency and transparency to manage and execute short-term funds.

  • Pure Platform. Software service to deliver efficient price discovery and execution for short-term funds
  • Catering for Enterprise Market (Corporates/Government/SME/Family Office)
  • We NEVER have access to client funds
  • AFSL licenced with PI Insurance
  • Experienced and capable team

Our Next Gen Deposit Platform radically simplifies the way you invest short-term funds.  Faster, simpler, efficiently with full auditability and securing the best rates in the market. It’s YOUR money. So why are the Banks making more out of your money than you ?

Our highly innovative technology delivers the best available rates with a highly efficient and transparent process that stands up to the scrutiny of auditability and compliance,combined with ease of use and simplicity. Complete transparency on rates and pricing with NO commissions. See our overview

With the traditional way you have to spend time:

  • Searching bank websites for rates (very time consuming)
  • Phone the banks (finding the correct person)
  • Send an email to the banks (unstructured)
  • View comparative websites (Retail rates)
  • Do nothing and leave money with the current bank

Where Can We Help You?

Enterprise Platform

As an organisation, you want to optimise your Returns on Funds /Capital Employed (ROFE/ROCE) .  As a professional, you do not need an advisory function and simply require an efficient zero commission dealing platform combined with management dashboard over multi-bank portfolio and transactions

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Family Office

Our service is unquestionably focused on optimising the returns on the cash (Deposits) component of your wealth portfolio. Our platform provides a simple and fast process to obtain best rates with full transparency on rates and fees. No invisible commission.

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Government and Public Agencies

Government and Public Sector agencies that need to invest cash in Term deposits also need to ensure that they receive the best available rates in a transparent, easy and auditable manner that ensures full compliance to their stakeholders. Likwidity is a pure execution platform. No Advisory. No Commission. Unconflicted. Governance and Compliance. Our flat fee service delivers better returns than free/commission services.

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Wealth Advisors

You are looking for than just convenience. Your clients expect that you also seek the best market return for their funds. We combine not just convenience but full transparent delivery of best and auditable rates that you can prove to your clients. Get ahead of the curve with openness and transparency

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Superior Deposit Rate

No more searching! In less than a few seconds, tell us how much and in your specified time frame we deliver multiple quotes on your request  from the banks. Efficient, time saving, pricing tension, better rates

Simple and easy

Rates offered for cash and term deposits differ significantly amongst deposit taking institutions. Our purpose is simple. Our system finds the best interest rates for your cash investment

Safe & Secure

We never have access to your account or funds. Our platform provides price discovery and execution capability but no funds transfer capability

Data Security

Likwidity is hosted in the AWS Cloud platform using platforms hardened by Amazon. All data into and down to the database is encrypted along with all backups.

Zero Commission

Unlike other intermediaries, we offer a zero commission service. You as a client will receive the quoted rate offered with NO commission* charged. That alone will deliver a significant tangible value.​


We back up our commitment with auditable multi bank quotes so that you are in no doubt. Improve compliance and transparency. A trusted and rewarding service to clients.

Stop Searching, Start Doing

Don't send your time searching. It's time consuming and imperfect. Just submit once. Our system collates multiple quotes and brings the best rate to you.

Maturity Risk

By not actively managing maturing contracts, the Term Deposit will automatically be rolled over at a potentially low rate. Likwidity actively engages investors to ensure optimal rates..

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