Likwidity Professionalises the Management of Term Deposits and Short-Term Funds with our Multi-Bank, Multi-Currency Corporate Deposit Platform. Automated Price Discovery and Execution. Saving you Time, Money and Delivering Full Transparency, Auditability and Compliance

Likwidity is the 1st and only Unconflicted Corporate Deposit Platform. No Conflict means that we are the only Deposit Platform that does NOT earn commission from banks. We are an  AFSL Licensed Fintech delivering our service on a subscription Software as a Service (“Saas”) basis.

Our service is ideal for all organisations who place excess funds regularly including businesses, government, fund managers, family offices and NFP.

Software Features

Consolidated Dashboard

With our consolidated dashboard, you can keep track and manage all positions across multiple banks showing you transaction status, maturities and portfolio allocation.

Consolidated Dashboard
Consolidated Dashboard

Consolidated Dashboard

With our consolidated dashboard, you can keep track and manage all positions across multiple banks showing you transaction status, maturities and portfolio allocation.

Multiple Terms

Multiple Term

Simplified multiple-term deposit quotation to automatically receive easy to decide quote selection over the defined period.

Consistent Best Rates

No more searching! In less than a few seconds, tell us how much and in your specified time frame we deliver multiple quotes on your request  from the banks. Efficient, time saving, pricing tension, better rates

Fast Setup

Fast and Easy setup. You can be fully setup and commence transacting within hours. No Complex software installations and configurations. Enabling smart KYC and Document Management

Safe & Secure

We never have access to your account or funds. Our platform provides price discovery and execution capability but no funds transfer capability

Data Security

Likwidity is hosted in the AWS Cloud platform using platforms hardened by Amazon. All data is stored within Australia and data into and down to the database is encrypted along with all backups.

Zero Commission

Unlike other intermediaries, we offer a zero commission service. You as a client will receive the quoted rate offered with NO commission charged. That alone will deliver a significant tangible value.​


We back up our commitment with auditable multi bank quotes so that you are in no doubt. Improve compliance and transparency. A trusted and rewarding service to clients.

Stop Searching, Start Doing

Don't send your time searching. It's time consuming and imperfect. Just submit once. Our system collates multiple quotes and brings the best rate to you.

Maturity Risk

By not actively managing maturing contracts, the Term Deposit will automatically be rolled over at a potentially low rate. Likwidity actively engages investors to ensure optimal rates..

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Where Can We Help You?


As an organisation, you want to efficiently manage how your short-term funds are placed whilst ensuring governance is adhered to with full auditability and transparency .  As a professional, you do not need an advisory function and simply require an efficient price discovery and execution service

Family Office

Our service is unquestionably focused on optimising the returns on the cash (Deposits) component of your wealth portfolio. Our software provides a simple and fast process to obtain best rates with full transparency on rates and fees. No invisible commission.

Government and Public Agencies

Government and Public Sector agencies that need to invest funds in Term deposits also need to ensure that they receive the best available rates in a transparent, easy and auditable manner that ensures full compliance to their stakeholders. Likwidity provides efficient price discovery and execution service. No Advisory. No Commission. Unconflicted. Governance and Compliance. Our subscription service delivers better returns than free/commission services.

Wealth Advisors

You are looking for than just convenience. Your clients expect that you also seek the best market return for their funds. We combine not just convenience but full transparent delivery of best and auditable rates that you can prove to your clients. Get ahead of the curve with openness and transparency

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