Likwidity Deposit platform delivers a smart and efficient way for Public Sector organisations to manage Term Deposits. The platform ensures that government agencies  achieve the best rates in a simple and efficient way with no calling around combined with a beautiful management tool provides full transparency, auditability and compliance.

Let your surplus cash flow work for you

Likwidity enables you to simply place a Request for Quotation (“RFQ”) and the order is automatically routed to a range of participating banks who will then quote on your RFQ within your time frames. Our system then automatically selects the best available rate and submits the rates to you for confirmation.

No longer do you need to

  • spend time searching each bank's website
  • phone around
  • e-mail the banks
  • just leave the money with your primary bank


Monthly or annual fee based on number of deals


$275per month
  • 1-5 Deals


$495per month
  • 6-10 Deals


$715per month
  • 11-20 Deals


TBCPer month or Annually
  • 20+ Deals


Easy 1 click submission of orders

Automatic best price selection

Dashboard of all Deposits

Portfolio view of all bank allocations

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