What is a Likwidity ?

Software to transact short term funds (term deposits/call/notice ac) between depositors and banks. We are not a broker or an adviser. We do not have a vested interest or preferential relationship as to where your funds are placed. We are a software provider/ exchange to simplify the process of searching and finding the best rate as well as providing depositors with a management tool.

We are unconflicted, meaning unlike other service providers, we do not have any vested arrangements in place with any banks and act only for our customers benefit

Is Likwidity aligned to any banks ?

Likwidity is completely independent and is not aligned to any banks. Likwidity is principally owned by the management team

How are fees calculated ?

Likwidity is positioned as a Software as a Service (Saas) and we earn our fees through monthly fixed subscription fees paid by depositors. This differs from other similar providers who earn a commission from banks of between 5-25 points. See our current fees here

Why Fixed fee is better than paying a broker

Who are the Likwidity clients ?

In the short and medium term, Likwidity will primarily serve the Enterprise market, being large and medium businesses, corporates, local and national government, wealth advisers, fund managers and any other organisation that requires an effective solution to manage their deposits.

What does Likwidity mean by transparency ?

The cornerstone of the Likwidity solution is complete and open transparency to our clients.Our transparency is achieved in 2 ways.

  1. The rates that are disclosed to clients is untouched. There is no additional commissions or rebates that is paid by the banks. This we believe should deliver a better return to depositors, especially in a low rate environment.
  2. Our Fees. Our fees are fixed and standard.