As expected, the RBA has passed another reduction in the cash rates. But unfortunately, all businesses still need a cash buffer even at these levels. So what to do.?

Its time to change the game and be realistic about returns on your organisations cash surpluses. You simply have to seek better returns and you can no longer afford to maintain the status quo or do nothing. There are now tools that enable organisations to perform this function without needing an intermediary.

Likwidity software automates the process for investors to do multi-bank, multi-currency price discovery and execution for Cash funds (Term Deposits, Notice and Call accounts). Likwidity solves this by being the 1st zero-commission pure Software as a Service (“Saas”) offering that uses easy, efficient technology to consistently get best rates using a bank RFQ process with full auditability and fixed transaction fees. Unconflicted and bank neutral, we give depositors peace of mind whilst eliminating the need for using brokers who take between 5-25 points off an already low rate, supported by full and detailed audit trails.

Take control and see the benefits in a short period.