We felt compelled to share the thoughts of a true innovator and change agent.

Michael Jordaan not only ran a very large bank, but he also inspired and changed their culture to adopt innovation at scale. Even after he left the bank, he remained a catalyst for change and his new revolutionary bank should be on the watch list. But his words remain utterly important today.

You see there are few things that really create the future. Most institutions protect what is, instead of creating what should be. Of course big business and government want things to improve. But they also benefit from the status quo as long as they are making money or staying in power. The only institution that really creates dramatic change in society is the humble little start-up. This is nothing more than a small group of people with a cool new idea and a plan on how to execute it.” Michael Jordaan, Banker, Innovator, VC.

I don’t want your money – Michael Jordaan